We place gaskets on doors, windows or baseboards. The trim can be made of wood, aluminum, PVC and polystyrene. The most common model, however, is the Madeira one, which is found in plain or framed versions, which add even more charm to the decoration.


01  Doors

We do and install trim in all types of doors, thus closing the gaps that are left after placing the door.

In addition to preventing the edges between the wall and the opening from being exposed, the gaskets are responsible for the good appearance of the doors.
Here are some examples of placing trim around the doors.




02 baseboard

We at DF Construction put baseboards on walls, whether in wood or plaster.

Currently, they give a special touch to the decoration and aesthetics, influencing the total harmony of the place.

Baseboards are not a feature that every homeowner necessarily thinks about, but updating them can bring an entire facelift to a room (or several) in your home. When you’re ready to add a more polished look to your space, consider purchasing modern baseboard moulding from DFConstruction to go with the rest of your home!

Similar to crown moulding, baseboards are a transition piece—in this case, between your wall and floor. That transition piece not only makes your home feel more finished, but it can also hide unsightly edges. For example, most homes will have a slight gap between the drywall and the flooring—a baseboard will cover that!

Wood baseboards are also a great option to match with your window and door casings to give a completely finished and cohesive look to a room. Our modern baseboards are perfect for framing out your space, and we highly suggest finding a baseboard that complements the other trim throughout your home.

03 Windows

We trim all types of windows!

Window trims have the same purpose, in addition to preventing the edges between the wall and opening from being exposed, trims are responsible for the good appearance of the windows.

Many home styles use decorative window trim inside and out. So there may be a specific exterior trim option you need in order to get every architectural detail just right:

Craftsman-style exterior window trim emphasizes clean, simple lines. The trim is wide and thick to match the thick columns on the front porch and the wide eaves of the rooflines on Craftsman homes.
Ranch exterior window trim has little embellishment in comparison. Lower trim profiles create naturally flowing lines that don’t distract from the large horizontal windows typically used in Ranch-style homes.
Colonial-style exterior trim features a flat casing with a crown and sill, styled with a mix of angles and curves. Colonial-style homes often use double-hung windows in groups, so the trim helps accentuate the characteristic window combinations.


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